Research has postulated over the last century to encompass not only crime-fighting methodologies, but also an increase in service to the community. The traditional model of policing, based on randomly responding to individual calls for service is REACTIVE and INEFFECTIVE!  A case study of several agencies has provided descriptions of how their practices are aligned with ideas of effective policing.  Precinct 2 will utilize these problem-solving tools and methods as an interictal part of daily operations:

Problem Oriented Policing

SARA: 4 step problem-solving method.  Emphasizes the analysis of problems and develop appropriate solutions.

Evidence Based Policing

A paradigm that utilizes the scientific methods that are most effective in reducing crime.

Intelligence-Based Policing

A business model for policing.  Focused policing approaches, such as “Hot Spots” and “Directed Patrol” aided by crime analysis.

Community Policing:

Crime Prevention Programs and Offender Re-Integration Project.